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Briefing: How can we scale-up surgery and anaesthesia to achieve UHC?

  • Geneva Press Club 106, Route de Ferney Genève, GE, 1202 Switzerland (map)

The Surgical Equity Prize from the Challenge Prize Centre at Nesta and the WFSA invite you to our event:

The Sustainable Development Goals are impossible to achieve without safe surgery and anaesthesia

What resources do we have and what do we need to do to safeguard 5 billion lives? 

With the 10th year anniversary of the WHO’s Surgical Safety Checkbox around the corner, there’s a lot to reflect on and we will open the session with Dr Atul Gawande introducing us to the past and future challenges.

Dr Walter Johnson of the Emergency & Essential Surgical Care Programme at WHO and Professor Adrian Gelb, the Secretary of WFSA, will announce the first-ever joint WHO & WFSA guidelines to standardise safe anaesthesia.

We will be also joined by representatives of African and Asian countries to give their regional perspectives on surgery and anaesthesia care.

Lastly, Daniel Berman, the lead of the Global Health team at the Challenge Prize Centre, will concentrate on the next steps in achieving Universal Health Coverage and how a challenge prize initiative can not only accelerate the 3rd Sustainable development goal - addressing the good health and wellbeing - but also its potential to reduce poverty, tackle inequalities and facilitate partnership building for the goals, all of which are inherently the challenges of assessing surgical and anaesthesia care.

In association with Lifebox and G4 Alliance

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